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Wash with Lukewarm Water

Wash with Lukewarm Water

It’s easy to think of warm water just as a pleasant shower comfort. But washing with lukewarm water has some amazing benefits beyond just feeling good while showering. Particularly when it comes to taking care of your skin, washing with lukewarm water can have positive effects on your body, your hair, and your mental health.

Wash with Lukewarm Water

Gifted with Goodness – The Health Benefits of Lukewarm Water

According to experts, lukewarm water is a great choice for taking care of your body’s sensitive skin and hair. Lukewarm water does an effective job of washing off dirt and oil from your skin’s surface, without irritating its delicate balance. While too-hot bathing water can cause skin irritation and excessive dryness, lukewarm water is just perfect for keeping your skin soft and supple.

Lukewarm water is also considered to be beneficial for your hair and scalp. It opens up your hair follicles, allowing your conditioner or other hair treatment to penetrate the hair shafts easily and deeply. But unlike excessively hot water which can damage your scalp and make your hair brittle, lukewarm water helps keep your hair bouncy and healthy.

Moreover, lukewarm water is also thought to benefit your mental health. While using the bathroom is a practical concern, it’s also an experience that humans have always enjoyed, given its close association to relaxation. And when it comes to calming your body and mind while doing the necessary chores, lukewarm water is your perfect friend.

Planet-Positive – The Environmentally Responsible Choice

Not only does lukewarm water add important benefits to your personal health, but it has plenty of great points when it comes to the environment, too.

You’re likely already aware that it’s important to conserve water – and lukewarm water is an easy way to use less. Instead of running the tap too long while waiting for the water to become hot, lukewarm water is instantly ready for use, saving you time and energy.

Lukewarm water also helps you conserve energy. Instead of consuming large amounts of energy by heating up the water for a hot shower, you can gather lukewarm water from a nearby source like a lake or stream, noticeably reducing the amount of energy you’ll need.

A Luxurious Experience – Making Washing with Lukewarm Water Enjoyable

Finally, lukewarm water is a great choice for adding a gentle bit of luxury to your bathing experience. Without requiring any drastic measures or equipment, lukewarm water immediately makes your body feel comfortable and at ease, plus it’s a great spot to start on experimenting with your favorite bathing products, like bath salts and beauty oils.

For a truly special bathing experience, it’s also possible to add natural ingredients like honey and lemon to the lukewarm water and even herbs like rosemary and peppermint, in order to give it a very refreshing scent.

The Best Way to Bathe in Lukewarm Water

It’s great to know that lukewarm water has so many advantages. But if you want to make the most of it, you still need to maintain certain tips when it comes to washing in lukewarm water.

To start, always remember to check the temperature before getting into the shower. If it’s too hot, you’ll do more damage than good. Make sure to start with lukewarm water in order to preserve your skin’s natural balance.

Secondly, it’s important to follow a skin-care routine even while under the shower. Start by diligently cleaning the dirt and impurities off your body, and then follow up with a good moisturizer in order to help lock the moisture of your skin.

Finally, when it comes to giving yourself a good soak, it’s best to skip hot water and to opt for lukewarm water instead. Keeping the shower at a more moderate temperature will help keep your skin from becoming over-irritated or dried out.


Lukewarm water is more than a pleasant shower feeling—it’s a great choice for taking good care of your skin, hair and scalp. Washing with lukewarm water can open up the pores, allowing your skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients of your favorite skin-care products. On top of that, washing with lukewarm water can help you save water and energy while taking a bath. Finally, lukewarm water is a perfect spot to start on experimenting with natural ingredients like herbs and honey, which can turn a regular shower into a luxurious experience you’re sure to enjoy.

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